Land managers

Rent, buy or just connect video systems and sensors network you need to watch your land.


Get automated alerts about early wildfires and analyse them with live data wherever you are.

Insurers and investment funds

Adapt existing forestry products or propose new ones based on new risks standards.


Onsite setup examples

Protected area

15 000 to 20 000 ha
  • 2 video systems in front of each other to ensure a full surveillance despite reliefs
  • 1 sensors network covering a sensitive area with adaptive prevention levels


80 000 to 100 000 ha
  • 8 video systems covering a wide area with few existing means to detect wildfires
  • 2 sensors networks covering the riskiest zones for fire ignition

Our difference

We’re tracking wildfires while lowering costs

Hardware costs

Free integration of existing compatible systems thanks to a software designed to be plugged

Software costs

No dedicated supervisors required thanks to alerts distribution and false alarms limitation

Maintenance costs

Minimized maintenance costs thanks to our hardware packaging and SaaS offer

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